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How to book a property shoot

Welcome to the photography booking tutorial page. It's great to help agents understand the process and flow of how to use the AHP Store. If you have any questions this is where one can speak directly with an admin member for assistance.

Photography booking tutorial.jpg



Click on the "Login In" Button at the top right of the page.


Sign Up

Sign Up using Google.

Photography booking tutorial2.jpg
Photography booking tutorial3.jpg


Select Email

Select your kwsa email.


Verify Login

Once you see your photo/letter of your 1st name, this will be your sign that you are logged in.
*If you do not login to the site your order/booking will not be captured.

Photography booking tutorial4.jpg
Photography booking tutorial5_edited.png


Select Photography Booking

On the top menu bar - select "photography booking" to begin the booking process.


Book Now

Click on the "Book Now" option

Photography booking tutorial6.jpg


Fill In Form

Fill in your name, surname, cell number and email address it will auto-populate if you have logged in from the start.

Fill in the full physical address where the shoot is to take place

*NB No shoot will be granted for properties that have no mandates.


Photography booking tutorial8.jpg
Photography booking tutorial7.jpg


Select Date & Time

Use the Calendar to select your desired date. 
Next to the calendar you will find the available times for your chosen date, if your required time is not visible then the time slot has already been taken by another practitioner.


Add To Your Calendar

Click on the "Add to My Google Calendar" button to add the booking to your Google calendar so you can set a reminder for yourself.

Photography booking tutorial10.jpg
Photography booking tutorial9.jpg


You're Booked!

If you are still not sure that your booking is successful please send Advertising admin a message to verify abd confirm that your booking is reflecting on the admin's side.

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