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How to Order a product

Welcome to the Ordering a product  Page. It's great to help agents understand the process and flow of how to use the AHP Store. 

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Visit the Store

There are two ways that you can visit the store.

1. Click on the SHOP icon at the top of the page

2. On the home page click on the Visit Store Button

A product with the RED TAB on the top left, These are products that dependent agents can order based on Companies Policies.


Product Selection

Once you have looked through the selection of products click on the Product that you would like to purchase.

And the product page will open.

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Options & Quantities

1. Some products in the store come in various options, so on the Board Options drop down menu you will be able to select For Sale, Area Agent, To Let etc.

2. Select the quantity that you would like to order.


Add to Cart

Once you. are. happy with your product, Click on the Add to Cart Button. Once you click. A Cart opens up from the right of the page. To PROCEED click VIEW CART at the bottom right.

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To Checkout click on the CHECKOUT tab 


Shipping Details

Fill in your details in order to proceed with the purchase.

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Delivery Method

Currently the only Delivery Method is " Product to be collected from Adrienne Hersch Properties Houghton once Marketing has notified you that it is ready for collection.


Payment Method

A dependant agent that orders a RED TAB item will select the manual payment option.

Select the payment method you wish to order the item.

1.  Manual payment ( Cash ) Once Accounts have. received the cash they will authorize the order.

2. Yoco - Credit  Card payment option.

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Place order

Click on the I agree to the terms and conditions,  then click on the Place Order Tab

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