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Running the Perfect Show House to Win Business

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Top agents across the country have built successful businesses by mastering the process of running a showday or viewing to create and convert leads. Whether you’re just getting started in real estate and need to grow your pipeline, or you’re an established agent with a proven track record – showdays are an excellent way to source qualified leads with minimal financial investment. In this course, you will learn the tools and strategies to run the perfect showday and win business. This course will have three key sections: Preparing for a showday Here we’ll outline steps to help ensure you’re set up to execute in a way that can drive qualified leads Running an efficient showday This will include strategies to help you convert visitors into business opportunities Following through after the showday How can you ensure your preparation and time investment pays off? Here’s where we’ll discuss an action plan. Note that in the resources section of this course there are additional resources we’ve created for you. These include checklists and how-to’s to make sure you never miss a step. Alright, let’s get started. Join us in the next lesson where we will cover how to plan for a showday to maximize your impact and set the stage to win new business.

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