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Create Clients for Life

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In today’s real estate landscape, buyers have an endless amount of choice in terms of how they search for properties and the agent that they work with. It’s essential that you have a strategy that clearly addresses every aspect of the buyer lifecycle. Buyers all have different needs, expectations, and goals. So how can you satisfy all of these individual nuances and ensure that by the end of the transaction, you now have a client for life? In this course, we will address strategies for working with buyers in each phase of the buyer lifecycle – pre-purchase, search, purchase, and post-close. By the end, you will have learned actionable ways to provide a best-in-class, holistic buyer experience. We’ll cover topics like how to execute buyer consultations, tours, and closing gifts. Knowing how to identify and meaningfully respond to each phase of the buyer lifecycle is not only crucial in order to manage the transaction, but it is a key step when nurturing a client relationship so that you can lay the groundwork for referrals and future business.

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